Getting Better Each Day

Patches had a really hard time for awhile after Snookums went to The Bridge. She had almost completely stopped eating and I was very concerned about her. Today she has eaten twice so I am feeling much better about her now. When hubby is sitting she is in his lap snoozing.

We all are getting better each day but we still miss our Snookies a lot and we know we will always miss her. The pain is getting lighter though and we are talking about fun times with her.

I didn’t see a whole lot of change in Pooh’s behavior except that she kept looking for Snookums and every time a door opened she wanted to go out which she had never done before. She has pretty much stopped doing that now although she stills goes to the door and looks out now and then. She is an indoor cat so I know she was wanting out to look for Snookums. We have a small pet cemetery on our property and that is where our sweet Snookums rests. I plan to plant a flowering shrub for her in the fall.

14 thoughts on “Getting Better Each Day

  1. Hi, thanks for your visit. I am so sorry about Snookies. Our cat Cher passed away several months ago as well. Our Siamese cats Sunny and Cher were litter mates and were never separated. Ever since Cher died, our Sunny has never been the same. It is very sad to watch and at one point, the vet even gave him Prozac.


  2. We had one cat who had to be put on valium because he pined so much for his 'sister' cat.Bless them, they mourn too,but really don't understand the way we do. We've always showered attention on grieving cats,it helps them and us.
    Jane xxx


  3. guys……snookums will all ways bee with ewe in spirit…all ways….N itz oh kay ta miss her N bee sad….it will take a while…eye still miss sauce N even two this day will take a nap in de last spot him wuz at heer in de houz….




  4. It takes time to heal those deep hurt but it will get easier as you already know. It's a good thing that you still have all the others to keep each others company.

    I hope that things will return to normal soon for you. Snookums is napping joyfully dreaming of teasing Chancy.



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