Remembering Some of her Favorites

We are all doing better and although some changes in behavior have taken place we are getting on with our lives. Still miss sweet Snookums a lot but sweet memories are slowly replacing the awful pain. Chancy, Patches and Pooh are eating again like they should and doing better. They still have not been running and playing but I know they will when they are ready.

I was thinking about Snookums a lot today and thought I would share with you some of her favorite places to relax and take a nap.

I found her in one of these crates one day with nothing in it. I took it out from where it was, put it in the cat room with a blanket in it and Snookums loved sleeping in it. 

She took a nap almost every day on the binder on the desk where I sit to make out checks for bills every month. 

She wasn’t real fond of having sunshine all over her for very long at a time but she did enjoy putting her head behind the curtain for the sun to shine on her head while napping. 

She had to roll up in a tight ball to fit in this but she loved it in the winter time. It kept her nice and warm. 

I work the crossword puzzle every morning after breakfast and she loved to get on it and nap when I would get up to do something.

She found this space to be just the right size for her and would jump up there and nap often. The other cats never bothered her there, there was no room for them. : )

Oh, I miss that sweet girl and I am so happy I have pictures and all the wonderful memories we made together. 

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10 thoughts on “Remembering Some of her Favorites

  1. We miss her too 😦 When my Angel Bobo passed I drew great comfort from making collages and hanging them all over (they are still hanging and he passed in 2007) I also bought this cool clock where all of the numbers had holes to put photos in. I put Bobo's photos there and the clock has been hanging in the kitchen ever since xoxo


  2. I'm so glad you posted these picture of beautiful sweet Snookums.
    Cats are presumptive in their possession of sleeping spots. We dare not remove them.
    No sweeter sight than a sleeping cat.
    I know she has found a perfectly fitted, soft sleeping spot on the other side.


  3. she is most beautiful and I love all her nap places, the last one is so sweet but i am choosing my favorite as the one with her head on the binder. to funny and sweet


  4. It is always hard when a dearly loved friend passes over the Bridge and when they have been with you a long time it is so easy to still see them in their favourite places to nap or just sitting looking through the window. Your memories will be with you for ever and your lovely Snookums will keep watch over you from Rainbow Bridge.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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