17 thoughts on “Whatcha got there Popsy

  1. We don't blame you and probably would have passed on that too. But who knows it might be real tasty. Thanks for the purrs for all our sick ones.Take care.


  2. Haha Cute pic! I think her twin Tinkerbell would of tried it.
    I wanted to come by say hello and see how your doing. I am still waiting on my tooth. haha And Momma Kitty has not changed at least not since they were together two days ago. Sybil is hiding out now at the rent house behind mine. I take her food over there and let her stay in it at night since it is empty for now. I put her on a site yesterday to give her away but ended up taking it off because ladies on there suggested I order a calming medicine they sell at pet stores for cats. So I did not sure if it will make any difference but willing to try it. I am going to use it on Billie Sue my inside cat because she is still avoiding me. haha
    What a life I live! No wonder I dream of greener pastures.
    Love ya


  3. Oh Patches, too bad it isn't tuna or chicken…but that looks like it might be yummy, we don't know what “honey buns” are, are they like donuts? Have a wonderful week Mumsy and everyone and thanks for your sweet B-Day wishes!


  4. Hi Maggie, Patches is not very impressed. I think she's watching her waist line. (I can't remember if patches is a she…)
    More for Popsy.

    Hugs, JB


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