I Just Never Know

I just never know if visitors might come so I want to be ready. When my big brother without fur comes. He gives me lots of pettin’ and lets me sit in his lap the whole time he is here. He pops in a lot of times unannounced and he may just do that today.

 I have to get my paws nice and clean so I can pat his arms

And make sure my face is nice and clean so I look my very best for him.
Mumsy says to tell you she is sorry some of you couldn’t view the video in the last post.

31 thoughts on “I Just Never Know

  1. Your sure look clean to me. It's so important to stay clean for your adoring fan. Have fun when he comes for a visit. You look purrfect.

    PS: you can tell Mumsy that I caught that invited mouse that ate part of my last banana. It was quick and merciful. It looks like Mr. Mouse was a bachelor.


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