Been Here A Long Time

Oh, I jus’ love sittin’ on Popsy’s lap
Popsy I’ve been here a long time…do you not see me?
 Now that’s a whole lot better.

Awwwww, that jus’ feels sooooooo good.

Popsy you give such good scritches!

Now I am nice and relaxed and will get me a really good nap, thank you Popsy for those super scritches.

25 thoughts on “Been Here A Long Time

  1. Oh Pooh, you are such a cutie, such a sweet post of you on Popsy's lap, have a wonderful week! (PS: We would like to send you a Christmas card from Clooney Claus, but we don't have your email to ask you for your address, could you email us at clooneycreditcanada AT gmail DOT com )


  2. I agree with Julia you are a very pampered cat but nothing wrong with that. I am pretty bad myself with my girls.
    I have missed coming by and checking on you guys. I finally bought me a new laptop yesterday so maybe I can visit more and keep up with my blog. Of course I have to figure out this new computer.
    Love to all


  3. you are soooooo beautiful. and I love the last shot of you dozing with your eyes closed and looking like the Cat's Meow… Jake lays on his daddy, but he takes up more than a lap…


  4. Pooh, you're such a pampered cat. You know all too well, no one can ignore you for long. You're so handsome.

    Tiger, one of my barn cat waits patiently for me to finish feeding calves and and the cows who are in my section of the barn because he knows that as soon as I'm done giving hay and bedding my work is almost done. He waits until I get my broom and start sweeping the floor. He quickly runs and and jump on the side of the feeders and purrs and looks at me until I stop and pet him and then he purrs loudly. He does that twice a day and never miss a beat… He's very spoiled too.


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