Busy Helping Mumsy

Mumsy stays real busy every day taking care of my Popsy. I help her take care of him and she appreciates that I give him loves and talk to him. 

Popsy forgets lots of stuff because of Dementia and I am going to stay close and keep talking to him to help him to not forget me. 

Since it is busy times at our place we don’t get to spend much time on the computer and right now we know taking care of our sweet Popsy is what is most important. Mumsy will help me post when she can and we will visit your blogs when we can. We will always be thinking of you. 

Mumsy says she really appreciates all of our sweet “Blogger” and “Google+” friends who visit her blog on “WordPress” and leave all the kind, sweet, encouraging comments. Big hugs and lots of purrs and nose kisses to all our friends.

23 thoughts on “Busy Helping Mumsy

  1. i had an idea about the remote for the TV… how about if you turn it on with the good one and give him one from another TV or an old one that doesnt' work…. it might be worth trying.


  2. Pooh, I love what your friends the J-Cats said, They stated it all perfectly. I have read the same and from the look on your Popsy's face. he knows you're there and that you love him FURRY much. It is written on both your faces that you share a dear and loving and unbroken bond, Love you three very much. And Chancey too.


  3. Shalom, Pooh. We arrived here totally by chance – we aren't sure how exactly. Only Mummy says nothing is really by chance. She's usually right about that, so We suppose the Great Cat in the Sky had a paw in the matter.
    We see that your Mumsy has to cope with a whole Sea of Troubles and We are furry impressed at how you are helping her, especially with Popsy.
    Our Mummy read somewhere that the love of a cherished anipal can get through to our Humans even when they are suffering from Dementia or Alzheimer's or something like that and it seems they don't recognise anyone else. We can see you are giving your Popsy a whole lot of loving and We are sure that he knows it. What you are doing is furry, furry impawtant.
    We shall add our purrs and purr-ayers to those of your other friends and anipals.
    Love from your new friends in Jerusalem.
    Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi (and Mummy Shimona)


  4. Please tell Mum if we can be of any help or comfort to please email her at cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com. My Mom helped care for her father-in-law for a few years when he had Altzheimers and she volunteered in the Memory Unit when he was in the Nursing Home. Mom's Grandfather also had dementia. It's hard….please tell Mumsy to remember to take care of HERSELF TOO…….sometimes the caretakers end up worse than the patient. Have her email my Mom if she wants to! Love, Cody and Mom xoxoxo


  5. pooh…ewe N mom knead ta help popsy furst…N bloggin comes round like maybe 78th…we will all ways bee heer, we will all ways rememburr ewe….uz purr son a lee will never stop dizzin burdz….N we hope ya haza happee hearts day oh love two morrow N heerz two a topminnow & trumpetfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥


  6. What a good job you're doing Pooh, I'm sure Momsy really appreciate your help.
    Tell Momsy not to worry about visiting when she has her hands full of caring for Popsy. I really understand.
    Big hugs to everyone.


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