Taking it easy

It’s been cold and snowing off and on for 2 weeks so I have been doing more of this than usual. 

Mumsy fell on her arm and it is not only sore but has brought out of remission the (RSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy  Syndrome that she has been living with since her last injury and surgery. She does a lot of copying and pasting to visit blogs and leave comments and do short post. It is painful and takes a long time for her to type. Her arm is slowly getting better though.

Hugs and nose kisses to all!

26 thoughts on “Taking it easy

  1. I am hoping & praying for your relief from pain and a return of physical energy in spite of pain. I know pain can be exhausting and demoralizing ~ it just sucks the life out of you minute by minute . Life is so full of beauty and sweet every day miracles that it is hard to know you have to take long naps and rest in between the naps just to be able to function only a little bit. I hope your Mumsy is regaining her health and physical energy Pooh.


  2. Good to see you Pooh. Sorry your Mom is hurt and we sure do appreciate you visiting our blog. We are sending tons of purrs and good thoughts that the arm gets better soon and that Pops is doing all right. Take care.


  3. Thinking of you dear Maggie and I hope that your shoulder is healing.
    Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment on my blog. You are always so kind.
    I hope it looks like Spring at your place.
    We just got dumped about 13 inches of drifting snow in that blizzard yesterday so Spring seems so far away yet it's only 4 days away.
    Hang in there sweet Maggie.


  4. We really appurr-eciate it that you took the trouble to visit Our Blog and leave a comment, despite being so busy helping your Mumsy and looking after your Popsy. We hope your Mumsy's arm is getting better and not hurting her so much. We are sending healing purrs and nose rubs.


  5. Uh oh, your poor mom! We're sending tons of healing purrs and sure hope she'll heal quickly.

    We like how you're taking it easy — that's the only way to cope with this awful winter!


  6. Poor Mumsy, she needs some help from you guys to type for her.
    Tell her I'm sending some prayers for speedy healing of her shoulder injuries.
    Take good care of that special Mumsy.


  7. We sure hope your mom's arm feels top-notch soon, sooner, soonest. In the meantime, I'd imagine that if Pooh keeps it nice 'n toasty warm, it'll help with healing!

    Marilynn, Grace & Company


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