Have to make some changes for now

With each passing day my duties are increasing. I am having to ask for more help and I am thankful that I have someone who comes running when I call. Even with help my spare time is very limited.

I have joined an amazing online support group that has thousands of members and it is a very active group. The majority of my spare time is now spent in the group.

Right now I just don’t see how I can fit blogging into my life. As time goes on there will be even more required of me. I appreciate so much all who have been faithful to follow not only this blog but the others too. I hope you understand why I have to do this. I need to be there for my Shug, love and help him cope as best he can with this cruel, uncaring, thief called dementia. 

Love and hugs to all, Maggie

25 thoughts on “Have to make some changes for now

  1. Wee totallee understand Aunty Maggie. Wee are here an at Mag'ss Corner whenever you want to mee-yow to us….
    Sendin POTP efurry day!
    ***nose kissess*** Siddhartha Henry an (((HUGSS))) LadyMum xxxxx


  2. Oh Maggie, I know how difficult your challenges with Shug must be. I still hope to hear about you and my precious Pooh, Baby Boy and Chancy when you can. As you know now. I have lost Savvy's best pal ever, Nerissa. It has left a huge hole in our hearts.


  3. Thanks so much for coming by dear Maggie. You always find time to leave sweet comments. Well I think that you're much sweeter than me. I'm amazed at how you can cope with such a heavy burden. I hope that you can find a little snippet of time to be by yourself just to gather your strength and energy to continue. I know that with each passing day, the level of difficulty increases your load.
    Wishing you some small blessings during the day.
    (((Big HUGS)))


  4. I totally understand and I know all of your other friends do too. We just want you to take care of yourself and finding extra time to do these blogs is really hard. I am just trying to keep one going and for over a year now I have not been a good friend or blogger.
    I appreciate you so much and your sweet comment about Christi's wedding meant so much to me.
    I think of you every day and pray for you and your family. Just know I love you and please take care of yourself.


  5. We understand,,, and I want to say,,, thank you for loving me too!
    take care,, and do what you need to do.,,,, sometime when you least expect it,,, I might tug at your shoe,,,,, remember its just me.
    we send love to you


  6. I forgot to mention on your other blog where I commented, that I am so happy you are in an online support group and that you have enlisted help. I remember my husband and my sister-in-law (and ME), when we helped care for our father-in-law who suffered from the same cruel illness….the caretakers have to take care of themselves too xoxoxo We are all here for you if you need us!


  7. We are so sorry and understand perfectly. We sure send lots of purrs and prayers to both of you. We feel for you having to go through this. Take good care of yourself.


  8. I do understand but will miss you. I was sole caregiver 24/7 for my mother who had dementia; I know the dedication the caregiving requires. I am thankful you have a support group. Please know that you both will be in my prayers and don't hesitate to email any time. lots of love xo


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