Updated Post


I hope to one day be back blogging. Thank you to all who drop by Mag’s Corner and comment or like my rare posts there. 

Many hugs and love to all who came by with comforting comments when Baby Boy went to Rainbow Bridge.

Love and hugs to all, Maggie

20 thoughts on “Updated Post

  1. Mee-you wee were so sad about BabyBoy also Aunty Maggie. Wee hope that efurry day has gotten a bit easier. Pleeze reememburr BabyBoy iss inn Pure Land lookin down on you an Popsy with LUV!!!
    ***nose kissesss*** SiddharthaHhenry xxxxxx


  2. Hi Dear Maggie, thanks so much for you sweet comment about Cypress loosing his fear of roosters.
    He's been fascinated with roosters and the last time he was here he noticed that the wall paper strip that goes around my dining room up by the ceiling had roosters in it. He keeps pointing at roosters. He's a big boy for 21 month and he's so heavy. He's not a big eater though.

    I hope that you have a great day Maggie even under the circumstances.. You are and your shug are in my prayers.


  3. We are here for you and we completely understand. Anytime you feel you can spare a moment to keep us updated, we shall be happy to hear from you, but we do understand that's not always possible. We are purring and praying for you


  4. Take care of what you must Maggie, Know we are with you even if you don't post or comment. Put all you energies into what must be done. I am so grateful that you have found such a great support group. No one really understands like those in the same boat. Take care and know we are still here.


  5. It is totally understandable that you need to do this, Maggie! Don't worry about blogging, but we would love it if you could keep the blogs open! Praying for strength for you and wisdom and peace! ❤️


  6. I will miss you Maggie but I understand. Your support group is very important and that's where you should spend your online time. It fits your needs better than blogging does at this time. I've enjoyed following your blog and I thank you for all your wonderful comments.

    I'll keep praying for you and your shug. God bless.
    Big hugs,


  7. Oh Mags, I am so very sorry. Glad you have found some support, it is so important now. We will be here when you are ready to come back to us. take care my friend.


  8. be sure to post an update just once in a while to let us know how the two of you are doing. even just every couple months, a few words… prayers for both of you and so thankful you have someone to come when you need them. hugs..


  9. Maggie……we all understand that your family; Shugs…. is first and foremost…as it should be…blogging is a great way to make friends and keep in contact but it also takes a…. way back seat…… to real life. I wish you and Shugs nothing but the best; and ask that you dont completely delete pooh's blog; just let it set idle as Mildred said. I'm happy you've found a support group who completely understands where you've been, where
    you are and where you will be headed. I wont say good bye…just see you later…God's strength to you and yours to see you through each day ♥♥♥ Laura


  10. I certainly understand and of course, your Shug is your priority. Please know that you both will be in our hearts and prayers, even if you do not have time to update your blog. Just leave your blog in place and that way, we can drop a line to you occasionally and you do not have to respond until you are ready. Love and hugs. Mildred


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