25 thoughts on “TV Time With My Popsy

  1. Hello. I love this sweet picture. Happy to read your reply to Sandra's comment that you two have had a couple of good days. It's great that the Westerns are entertaining to Popsy. Sending love and prayers.


  2. Oh Pooh, you've got the best seat in the house and you're so good keeping Popsy's company while he watches old western. Those were the days when I was young, I used to watch western too. Tell Momsey that when she's sitting with Popsy, you'll try to take a photo of them together. If the camera is too heavy for you, get someone else to take a picture of them together. That would be so nice.

    I hope that you all have a good weekend of watching western together. Old western were the best.

    (((BIG HUGS)))


  3. During the time my Dad had Alzheimers his favourite thing to watch was westerns and really old comedies..I think it reached a part of his memories that Alzheimers hadn't destroyed.
    Jane x


  4. Same thing with Gene, he doesn't remember them and he has seen them many, many times over the years. I am glad he enjoys them and they keep him occupied at times. We have had two good days so I have been enjoying a bit of time on blogs.


  5. i love this pic. so sweet. my dad loved westerns to. he loved to watch Bonanza and the great thing is after his memory went he could watch them over and over because he did not remember he had seen the.


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