Made Some Changes

Mumsy told me she just don’t have enough time to spend on blogging the way all of her internet places are so she has made some changes that she hopes will help her and our followers. Maybe now she can post more for me on my blog…she will tell you what she did.

Mumsy: I am on “Google+”, “WordPress”, “Blogger” and “Facebook”. I am not active on “Google+” but my posts will be showing there. I have “Mag’s Corner” blog on WordPress where I have been doing the most posting. Pooh’s blog is on Blogger. I recently opened a Facebook account because I found a wonderful, active and very helpful Dementia support group on there  that is a huge help to me. I don’t do much on Facebook but read and post in the group and spend most of my time when on there in the group. I do now and still will check for important messages on Facebook and reply to them. 

I have linked Facebook and Google+ to my “Mag’s Corner” blog so what I post on “Mag’s Corner” will automatically post on Facebook and Google+. That will only leave two places I need to post on..”Mag’s Corner” and “Pooh’s Blog”. I am hoping with only two places to post I can post more often and have more time to visit other blogs. What is posted on Pooh’s blog will be different than what is posted on the other sites. I no longer have Chancy’s blog but he will show up on mine or Pooh’s from time to time.

I hope this will be helpful to me and our followers and I have not complicated things. Hugs and nose kisses from Pooh, me, Chancy and Popsy

15 thoughts on “Made Some Changes

  1. I hope the changes help you. With so much in your life, it must be hard to keep up with everything. It sure is wonderful to see your updates whenever you can do posting 🙂


  2. I am not active on Google+ but a link to my post on WordPress will always appear on there. You will always be able to comment here on Pooh's blog or on Mag's Corner on WordPress. I hope I have not confused you too much. On Mag's Corner at the bottom of the post click on comments and it will take you to the page where you can comment. Hugs


  3. if i disapear from comments i am not part of google plus and sometimes can't comment. it is working on this blog, hope the other one does to. anything that makes it easier for you is the way to go….hugs


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