Mumsy is just so embarrassed and ashamed

I am just a bit upset with her but I will let her use my blog anyway to do something she should have done zillions of months ago. 

Okay, Mumsy you make things right now…

I really do feel so bad about this. Way back in March our sweet friend Maggie aka Grandma Yellow Hair at “Just Between Me and You”. Had a give away and I won. It was the book “Purr Therapy” by Kathy McCoy, PHD. It is one of the most wonderful books I have ever had the pleasure to read. 

If you love cats I highly recommend you read the book if you have not read it. If you have never had a cat then I still recommend you read the book and I feel sure you will most likely enjoy it. My reading time is limited and I have not quite finished reading the book yet. When I picked it up to read some tonight the thought hit me that I had never posted about winning the book. Forgive me sweet Maggie for being so long in doing so. 

Please go by and visit our dear friend if you do not know her. You will find that she is a sweetheart, loves cats and people. She could use positive thoughts and prayers right now too as she is having health issues. 

Just Between Me and You

Thank you so much sweet Maggie for having the give away and I am so happy that I won. I guarantee you I will read this book more than once.  

17 thoughts on “Mumsy is just so embarrassed and ashamed

  1. Tell your Mumsy to not be embarrassed. We have won things and our mom has never acknowledged it. She claims she forgets. That sounds like a really good book. The mom will have to put it on her list of books to read.


  2. How sweet of you Pooh to let Mum's use your page for writing such a beautiful and thoughtful thank you note to me. I was of course Tinkled Pink when I found it but I never gave it a thought that she had not written it before. There is certainly no reason to be embarrassed or ashamed.
    I will let you in on a secret…'s human's like your Mum that I kept my blog going for the years I did. Out here in this amazing big world of bloggers I have been blessed to have met some pretty awesome friends. They have warmed my soul on lonely days and kept me smiling on other days. Your Mum's not only did this but she was one of those out here that make me strive to do better and to love more. She gives a lot to all that have gotten to know her so tell her she should never worry that I would think bad of her.
    I am glad though that she mentioned Purr Therapy and Dr. McCoy because it would be awesome if others out here found the joy in reading this book about cats like you that bring love and joy into our lives. I found my copies on Amazon but I imagine book stores have it too.
    Tell Mum's thanks for this beautiful write up about me. Not sure I deserve so many kind words but like I said it made my day.
    I wrote a comment before this one and I am not sure what happen to it. haha


  3. LadyMum sayss she enjoyed tee book a lot also Aunty Maggie an Pooh…
    Sumone sent her a copy aftur Aunty Nylablue went to Pure Land.
    Mee knows thee other Maggie will furgive you Aunty! How could she not?
    **nose kissesss** Siddhartha Henry an ((hugs)) LadyMum


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