Mumsy Forgot About This

Mumsy made this video of our sweet Patches just before she had to go off to “The Rainbow Bridge” and forgot all about it. She saw it on her puter this morning. We are so happy to have the video even if it is blurred in places. We miss our sweet Patches. She was very special…we lovingly called her “Granny”.

17 thoughts on “Mumsy Forgot About This

  1. I wish I had taken a video of my Sadie, but didn't have the foresight to do it. I am glad I have lots of pictures of her. She has gone to the Rainbow Bridge as well. I even see her shape in the clouds sometimes. It seems so hard when we lose a beloved pet. but I think their spirit remains with you always. Hugs


  2. Aww what a precious girl. It's wonderful you've got her video…finding it must have been like finding a treasure 🙂 I know you miss her a lot, but I hope the video brought back more happy memories xoxo


  3. What a lovely remembrance of Patches!!!
    I have 3 videos of Nylablue locked on the hard drive of Princess. It will cost a lot of $$$ to retrieve IF the videos are retrievable…..
    So the hard drive is in a safe place…I am so glad Patches is more 'accessible'.
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen


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