Once there was eight…now there are three

Christmas is just not the same for us this year. In the last 17 months we have had to say goodbye to Angel, Baby Boy, Patches, Snookums and Popsy. We miss them all so very much.

We have been thinking a lot today about Snookums and Patches and how they loved to sleep beneath the Christmas tree. My sister and I made some decorations for the tree that were little mice sleeping in walnut shells. Patches loved those little mice and would take them off the tree and swat them all over the house. She never bothered any of the other decorations, but every morning when I checked the tree there were no mice so we had a mouse hunt. 

Thinking about all of you that have had to say goodbye to your fur babies or loved ones. Sending purrs, prayers and warm gentle hugs to all.

23 thoughts on “Once there was eight…now there are three

  1. IT is sad and even lonely when our loved family members leave us. Your husband, the furbabies, it is an ache that always stays although we have hope that we will join one another again by and by. I have thought of you many many times Maggie. I always will. Through our blogs I feel friendship and care. ((HUGS))


  2. Hi Mag, I'm so glad to know that you had a good Christmas with your loving family. I'm posting my comment here. Thanks for your visit. Take your time deciding. Do what feels right to you and when you feel like it. Your blogging friends will understand…


  3. You have lost too many 2 & 4 leggeds this year Pooh & Chancy & Maggie…. it truly saddens me. I remember how I felt last December before Siddhartha Henry came to me.
    Somehow we have to keep moving forward when all we want to do is run the other way 😉
    Every day there is another 4 legged going to Summerland & it is so sad to see so many sad people…..I wish our pets & loved ones could live for far longer…
    Sending you gentle {{{hugs}}} an lots of Love,
    Sherri-Ellen Siddhartha Henry ❤ ❤


  4. That's way too many goodbyes in only 17 months. It makes me feel sad to know that your Christmas will be a bittersweet one this year. I'm so glad that Pooh and Chancy are there with you to keep you company.

    After loosing my last three cats, I couldn't even bring myself to get any more. It was just too difficult emotionally for me. I love them all but your Maggie lost even more than that.
    Big warm hugs. Please take care of Mumsy.



  5. Yes, We all remember the past days of Christmas and all who shared with us. Prayers for a new path and new memories of Christmas. Much love to you and yours Sweet sister. Give Chancy Man and Pooh some nose kisses from Auntie Char. Love you all dearly ❤


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