They Keep Me Busy All My Waking Hours

Trying to keep Chancy and Mumsy in line is a full time job. It is hard to get a nap around here some days, but I manage so I can get my beauty sleep.
I have to get a little loud sometimes ’cause Chancy thinks he is boss and can do whatever he wants….NOT! I have to be careful not to get on to him too much though…gotta keep on the good side of Mumsy since she keeps foods in my bowl. 
I keep having to remind Chancy that his job is to snoopervise outside and who comes to the door and I am in charge of everything else. Silly boy just does not want to listen sometimes so I have to give him a swat or two. 

We are all glad to see sunshine after over a week straight of rain and storms. Mumsy managed to get a picture of our first flowers of the year. Good thing she did…the rain ruined them the very next day. 
When we aren’t busy snoopervising or napping we hang out together in this chair. I always stay above Chancy though so he don’t forget that I rule around here NOT him. 

26 thoughts on “They Keep Me Busy All My Waking Hours

  1. thanks for your oh so kind comment today.. i am trying to find clever ways to blog with out sitting, my problem is i am OCD and when i do anything, i do it all out and don't stop until it is done. i am trying for force myself to do it a little at a time. we shall see.


  2. Ah bein' a kitty boss is a hard job fur sure. Me's sure yous doin' a great job tho'. And me wishes we kuld get some of dat sunshine you had. We's had rain anhd storms fur over a week straight now. Get yous rest, yous lookin' good.

    Luv ya'



  3. Mew mew mew Pooh yur just like mee!! 😉
    You know Aunty Maggie wood bee losted without you an Chancy an you two are her littul fur-angelss….
    An thee Daffydillss are luvley….umm were luvley!
    ***paw kissesss*** an ❤ LUV ❤ Siddhartha Henry xxx an {{hugs}} LadyMum


  4. Pooh, you mustn't be TOO hard on Chancy. He is only a woofie, after all – and a Man Woofie at that (mol).
    Of course YOU are The Boss.
    We love all your photos. The Daff O'Dills are especially lovely.

    Noserubs and kitty kisses from Trixie, Caspurr and Shimshi


  5. Glad you are in charge, Pooh. Mumsy and Chancy Man need someone to keep an eye on their shenanigans! Sorry the rain ruined those pretty daffodils-they are lovely. Leaving some nose kisses for you and Chancy and some hugs for Mom ❤


  6. Pooh you are most definitely In Charge and adorable to boot. I love that last shot of the two of you sleeping. and I am thinking from looking at the 2nd photo that you could join the Marines and be a Tech Sargent, you know the ones that scream out orders…


  7. Sounds like you keep yourself really busy, Pooh! Chancy may be thinking he is the boss, but you totally rule 🙂 Those flowers are beautiful. Too bad they were ruined by rain. But looks like spring is coming! Chancy may get busy tilling the garden and forget to snoopervise outside. You keep him straight, Pooh 🙂


  8. You have a tough job Pooh and it looks like you're good at it. Sometimes it takes a bit of yelling to be heard. It's good to share the chair.
    Tell Mumsy that I love her daffodils. I don't have flowers blooming here yet. I'm still waiting to see my first Robin.
    Be good to Mumsy and take good care of her, after all she's the one who puts food in your dish.


  9. pooh…want we shuld send a curt a see letter ta chancy aza friend lee ree mind who roolz de houz….

    we can;

    deer chancy……POOH IZ IN CHARGE…..PEER REE UD…..

    pleez ree fur two de cat book oh laws & roolz…sectionz 5 sentences 1 thru 197,033,344

    thanx dood ! ♥♥♥


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