It’s Not My Fault


Mumsy said I was a little bit naughty the other night. We didn’t know the UPS man had put our  foods and treats on the porch. Mumsy saw the box there after 8:00 p.m. and we went out to get it. I always help her bring in the packages that we get. Mumsy didn’t know the gate had been left open but I knew right away and took off for a walk.

Mumsy called me but I wasn’t ready to go back in yet so I didn’t obey. She told me I was being naughty but I wanted to go visit my friends and do a little marking so they would all know I had been there to visit. I didn’t care that I was not supposed to be out of the yard off leash. I knew a good walk would be good for Mumsy  so I visited 9 of my doggie friends with Mumsy following and talking to me all the while.

When I was ready I walked back to our place and was ready for the cookie she promised me if I would get back to the house…it’s not my fault the gate was left open and I really did enjoy my walk. Mumsy hugged me and gave me a cookie when I walked back through the gate and ran to the front door and  waited for her…so I guess I am a good boy after all.

Another time when I got out I was really scared and so was Mumsy. She had to get in the car and look for me because I was a long way from home. She also had to get help to look for me. S That is why she was so proud of me for going back inside the gate and to the door this time. She told me she would be checking the gate much more closely before she lets me out from now on. I may never get to do that again and I know Mumsy is hoping so.

18 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault

  1. this is very scary and I hope you never have another out of the gate adventure. our Baby girl did this several times and the fright was awful since we live on a very busy road and she was darting out in traffic… glad you are ok and safe


  2. Sure hope you enjoyed that adventure. Got a feeling the opportunity might not come up again any time soon. Just saying. Enjoy those memories along with the cookie.


  3. Mew mew mew thee GRATE escape Chancy…..mee can see you trottin around leevin Pee-mailss an Aunty Maggie followin you an beein worried. Trust mee Mumma’ss wurry ALOT!
    Mee did 2 escapess this year…did mee tell you??
    Ferst one, mee sneeked out when LadyMum came inn frum vizitin thee new nayburr. Shee locked thee door an mee panicked an thumped on thee door. LadyMum was lookin fur mee INN thee apartmint. So mee thumped again an when shee opened thee door there mee was all fluffed uppy an mee dashed back inn….. (mee gotted xtra kissess!)
    Thee second time was last weekend. New nayburr brott LadyMum sum pizza an mee sneeked out an no one saw mee. Mee followed Mistur Krishna to his place butt hee closed thee door befur mee could go in. So mee came to our door butt it was closed…so mee went to Aunti Reeni’ss an ‘hollered’ an thumped thee door…..shee let mee inn….Then shee banged on our door an no LadyMum. (Shee was in bathroom) Shee not know mee gone!
    A few minuttss later LadyMum called Aunty who was laffin an gigglin. When Aunty asked, “Where iss See-dartha Henry?” LadyMum checked thee bed an shee shreeked! Shee ran rite out to Aunty’ss apartmint an there mee was inn Aunty’ss armss lookin a bit sheepish. Wee came home an mee gotted xtra Kissess again an even a treet….
    Wee sure keep our Mumma’ss pn their toesiess don’t wee Chancy????
    ***nose bumpsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx

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    1. You are right about being escape artists, and sneaky ones at that. I am 9 years old and have escaped 3 times…Mumsy hopes this time will be the last time. We are glad you made it back home safely after each of your escapes sweet Siddhartha…you stay safe. ❤

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      1. Mew mew mew Chancy wee are ‘littul Houdini’ss’ aren’t wee? Mee iss not so keen to run out now…mee not like when thee door closess; mee getss scared. lesson leerned (fur now, mew mew mew) 😉

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  4. Wow! Chancy man, you were on a walk-a-bout! All your friends are going to know you had an adventure. Mumsy was so sweet to go with you and give you a treat when you both got back home. Good boy for listening, even tho, you took your time. Nose kisses for you and hugs for Sweet Mumsy ❤

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    1. A walk-a-bout for sure but it was not as long as the last one I went on. I wasn’t scared this time and Mumsy wasn’t as nervous as she was when I went a long way from home the last time. She was thrilled I made that big circle and went back home. ❤


  5. You were very naughty. Maybe you don’t know it, but it’s very dangerous out there fur pups and kits all alone. And followin’ behind ya’, tryin’ to ketch up, means you were all alone. You never know what might be waitin’ out there to get ya’. We’re glad you furinally went home and dat you got a cookie, but mommy says we wouldn’t have gotten anythin’ cuz what we did woulda been a bad, a naughty indeed. Mommy says only good kitties and doggies get treats. But we do get some kinda excited when our chewy boxes come. So excited, dat we offen act a little naughty. MOL Big hugs fur all and an extra fur mumsy. You scared her, and she needs a little extra cuddles.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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    1. The reason I got a cookie after this escape is because I went home. The last time I escaped Mumsy had to get help to look for me and she had to go in the car to search for me because it was after 10:00 at night. She was scared and so was I. After several minutes of searching for me she found me quite a ways from home very scared. I do not like getting in a car because I get car sick so Mumsy had quite a time catching me and she had to hold me and drive the car. I was shaking and drooling all the way home. It was a very scary time for us both. I don’t often get to go in the part of the yard that has the gate I escaped from. Mumsy is always with me when I am in that part of the yard but from now on she is going to be double sure no one has left the gate open before I get to go out with her. She said she wants no more escapes. ❤


    1. For sure Mumsy was scared and she was overjoyed when I went back home and through the gate…she said I deserved that cookie and she was so happy I went home on my on. I didn’t do that the last time I escaped and we both were really scared that time. ❤


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