I Can Smell It


Mumsy ordered me some food that she had never heard of before. I can smell it and she told me it smells like a fresh fish market throughout the whole house.

When she popped the tab on a can I came running.  I gave her a hard time getting that food from the can to my bowl. I was trying to eat it from the can. I have never wanted any food that much in my whole life. It is tuna and salmon in aspic. I had stopped eating fish sometime back but all we had found before didn’t smell as much like real fish as this food does.

Mumsy was wondering if she would ever find anything I would eat. She has tried a lot of different brands and flavors ranging from high dollar to low dollar. We have donated a lot of food because I just did not like it. She is hoping and praying I will keep eating this new food. She will keep you posted on how I do and she thanks you all for your purrs and prayers for me.

18 thoughts on “I Can Smell It

  1. I am glad you like your new food, Pooh! My mum wishes she could find something I would go mad for. Like you, more than half my food ends up getting donated to the local shelter.


  2. pooh !!!!!!!! we iz BUZZED happee for ya, N knock on woodz three timez thirtee ya likez thiz well enuff ta keep eatin it !!! 984 pawz crossed 🙂 ya noe ya canna go wrong with fish !!!! heerz two a happee easturr anda grate week oh end ♥♥


  3. So glad you can now smell and enjoy your food. Let us know what the brand is in case Minnie gets a finicky. sniffer.


  4. YES! Pooh, I am so feeling the catnip spirit with you. Purrs for keeping a good appetite from now on. Nose kisses from me, Daisy, and Bella. ❤


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