Progress At A Snails Pace


Mumsy just knew she found the answer to my not eating when she heard about foods called “Fussie Cat”. She told me they must have made that foods ‘specially for me since I am so fussie. I don’t fuss…she just can’t find some foods I will eat for very long. She is thankful that the foods did get me to eating again though. She says she wishes I could speak like people and tell her what I wants to eat.


The Fussie Cat tasted pretty good for a few days then it was not what I enjoyed any more.  Mumsy went off searching again for answers to foods for me. She heard from several peeps that BFF by Weruva and all Weruva foods was good. So she ordered me some.


So far I am eating the Weruva foods in a variety of flavors and I eat some of the Fussie Cat canned foods off and on. I nibble on Fussie Cat kibble at night if I want. For my breakfast though I will not eat anything but a half can of Fancy Feast Salmon. I have eaten that for many years and still want only that of a morning.

I love the Greenies for hairball and dental control and eat some of them daily. Mumsy has tried so many foods over the last 18 months she cannot remember them all. She even tried Cat Sure…well, I smelled it, licked it once and walked away. She said she didn’t blame me since all that sweet stuff in it and vanilla flavor didn’t seem to her like what a cat would want. She does not know what she will do from here if I stop eating what I am eating now.

My well kept secret she learned that encouraged me to eat again is that I like some of my foods cold straight out of the fridge. So she tries to not forget what I like cold and what I like room temperature. I do not like any of my foods heated.

I need to gain back the weight I lost but so far that is not happening because I don’t eat enough.

We have not been compensated in any way nor are we recommending the use of any cat food or treats mentioned in this post.

23 thoughts on “Progress At A Snails Pace

  1. I am glad you are eating more, I hope you will keep eating these foods. My Phoebe is very picky now, but she loves catnip flavored Greenies.


  2. Oh Pooh, come on girl, ya’ gotta eat!!! You know, when sis Lexi got really picky, there were lots of days mommy would pull her hair out. Humans, they can do some strange things. Anyways, mommy said we had a whole pet store full of food in our house, cuz what sissy would eat at one meal, she wouldn’t at da next. Sometimes mommy would have to put a dollop of Gerber ham and ham gravy only baby food over da top of sissy’s noms to get her to eat them. Also, ya’ might have your mommy check and see ifin maybe you’ve got a mouth ulcer dat be da reason ya’ don’t wanna eat much. Ifin ya’ have one, it’ll be easy to spot, and you can get rid of it purretty easy. Let us know ifin dat’s a purroblem and mommy will tell ya’ how to get it gone. Me was a purretty picky kitty girly meself, and mommy had to put ProBios we buy at on mines freeze dried noms to get me to eat ’em. Anyways, we’re sendin’ big hugs and lots of purrayers fur all and extra special ones fur you to eat.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

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    1. We are trying kitten food right now and so far she is eating it. We will try baby food if she begins to slow down on the kitten food. I gave her some chicken today and she gobbled it down. She eats just not enough to gain the weight she needs to. We are hoping the kitten food will help since it has more calories. Love and hugs

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  3. Mee-you Tabbiess have a GRATE idea there Pooh an Aunty Maggie! An that BFF Weruva food iss so-o nommie GOOD!!!!
    An LadyMum asked if you wood eat ‘raw foodss’?? Mee not sure what that iss butt it iss cold frum thee fridge if you want it like that….
    Mee iss an 8 second kat…..efurryfing must bee warmed uppy fur that amount of time, mew mew mew…
    Yur such a purrty gurl Pooh an mee hopess an purrayss you get better soon….
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx

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    1. So far the kitten food is working, we just hope it will help her gain weight. We tried raw freeze dried…wouldn’t touch it. Wouldn’t touch raw chicken either. Thank you for the suggestions, much appreciated. Hugs and nose kisses


  4. what a food-marathon …. all paws are crossed that you and your mom will find something you really like…. and I’m with you, I love cold food too… the best cold food is ice cream, butt the staff said that is no food… sigh… Hugs and POTP to you dear friend…


  5. so sorry to hear this, I have not heard of a cat that would not eat. I wish mummy could figure out what you like and why you don’t like what you don’t like. you eat salmon, have you eaten canned tuna? I saw that on a movie. I have never been owned by a cat so have no clue


    1. Mumsy don’t like me being so thin either. She has tried freeze dried…I would not touch it. I smell of raw chicken and then walk away. She won’t give up trying to find something I will eat and that will help me hopefully gain back my weight. Hugs and nose kisses


  6. pooh….ask yur mom ta let ewe haz sum canned kitten food; matterz knot de flavorz or brand coz
    itz high in cal o reez N if ewe like it { pawz crossed ya due} it will help ya gain sum weightz bak !!
    troo lee…best fishez two ewe N order in sum pizza pie all sew ~ 🙂 ♥♥♥

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  7. Awww Pooh-you are lucky to have such a caring Mom. Bella, Daisy, and me hope you get your appetite back so you can gain weight. Sending some paw prayers and ear scratches for you and bunches of hugs for Mom. Tell Mom to throw in some tummy tickles for Chancy Man, too ❤

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