Update On Pooh Girl


This picture was taken over a week ago. I don’t want pictures of how she looks now so I am not taking any.

She is still hanging in…how I do not know but she is a real fighter. She is still spending most of her time sleeping. Yesterday she came out of the cat room for the first time since her condition has been so bad. She walked through all the rooms in the house and went back to her bed.

Last night she slept in my lap while I watched a 3 hour long movie sometimes putting her paw on Chancy who was sleeping beside me. After the movie she went back to her bed. She came out of the cat room for a few minutes this morning but not for long and has been in her bed sleeping since then.

She nibbled a little bit of food yesterday for the first time in many days. She is drinking a little bit of water but not often. She is still in no pain and rests comfortably. How much longer she is going to hold on I don’t know…I cannot believe she is still here but I am happy that Chancy and I are getting to spend this time with her and give her lots of ear scritches and love.

Thank you my family and friends for all of your comments on the last post. What great caring and wonderful friends and family you are. I have read all of the comments many times and they are helping me to get through this sad time.

Love and hugs to all.

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