Pooh Update


Pooh has slacked off on eating again and she will no longer eat the kitten food. Yesterday morning she didn’t eat anything, nor did she eat anything yesterday afternoon. I had some FF salmon so I gave her a little of that last night she ate it during the night. I gave her some more this morning and she so far has only taken a few nibbles of it.

I don’t know what to try next. She won’t eat kibble at all now.  I have tried lots of different brands and flavors of canned food and even raw and freeze dried food. I tried goat milk and kitten milk and she will not drink either of them.

I am about to the point of letting her eat people food although I know it is not good for her. My Shug when he was alive fed her whatever he was eating that she wanted. He mostly fed her wieners, bologna, chicken, Spam and Vienna Sausage because he ate one or more of those every day for many years. He occasionally made a sandwich with pork roast, pork steak or a pork chop and he shared that with Pooh too. He was a big meat eater and lover coming from a family of butchers. My encouraging him to not feed her table food was to no avail.

She also ate kibble and canned cat food along with what my Shug gave her and did well for many years. But now that she is older it has all changed.

She spends most of the time sleeping but when she is awake she slowly walks all around the house. When I am sitting and she is awake she is in my lap.

20 thoughts on “Pooh Update

  1. I went through this with Mickey a few years ago and my theory is what ever they will eat, let them. It won’t hurt them as much as not eating will. I know you are doing everything possible for that little girl.

  2. I feel for her ! When the kitty don’t eat, it turn the world upside down. Many VET said when the kitties sick, they can’t smell properly . Steaming chicken, Steaming fish might help them eat but it didn’t work with me when I was sick last time. I only eat treats ( not the dried one, but liquid ). Some says ” Human baby food ( meat one ) ” my Australian doctor said many sick Aussie Kitties love ” Vegemite ” ( Not sure you have this spread in your country, It’s Australian product : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vegemite ).

    I paw crossed for Pooh, I hope you find some food she would love to eat.
    Many purrs for her

  3. I’m so sorry Pooh isn’t eating well. I agree with others about letting her eat whatever she likes to eat. Just not something that would make her sick. If she ate those table food in the past, I think it would be OK. Sending much love your way xo

  4. I am sorry Pooh is not eating. When Flynn started to refuse food he would still eat a few treats. I gave him as many of them as he wanted. I know it wasn’t good for him but at least it got something inside him. I used to call it his junk food diet. I also injected him with a B12 shot once a week which did help for a while. Sending good thoughts for both of you.

  5. Purrs & POTP for you and Pooh. I agree – feed her anything she will eat. It is such a difficult road you are walking together,

  6. Oh Pooh, so sorry you won’t eat. That is so frustrating to the Mom. Have your tried people tuna??? Or something that really smells, like Fancy Feast canned food Shrimp. I sure hope she gets to eating soon. Sending lots of prayers.

  7. pooh….tell yur mom ta let ya haz any thing ya want; ya canna go with out foodz otherwise yur liverz gonna bee crazed….noe joke…ya gotta eat sum thin…..even if itz a bass terd ewe noe what…..

    we R sorree…we haz been down thiz road N we noe iz a rocky one…..heerz ta 20 meelz a day; tell mom ta tempt ya with sardeenz…noe joke ~~~~~ st francis’ blessingz ♥♥♥

  8. I agree, give her whatever she will eat. people food will not hurt her. cats in the wild eat nothing but meat, so anything like that should be ok. so sorry this is happening. prayers and hugs coming your way.

  9. I say give her whatever she will eat…at this point it will do no harm…..POOH has valiantly rallied so many times so she deserves anything she fancies! I am saying a prayer for her to rally again. We all love Pooh girl so much!
    You are a wonderful Mum Maggie!!
    Love & (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & ***nose kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xXx

  10. We sure hope sweet Pooh gets a bit hungry. I say give her anything and everything she is likely to eat too. Come on Pooh, have a nibble or twenty sweetie.

  11. Poor Pooh. I think people food is fine, anything is better than nothing. Has she been to the vet. Sometimes an anti nausea shot and a B-12 shot stimulate appetite? I am praying for your sweet Pooh. XO

    1. I am too darling Pooh. I wish you felt like eating. Auntie Ellen is right…an anti-nausea shot would help.

  12. So sorry Pooh has slacked off eating, Sis 😦 It’s possible her kidneys are not functioning too well. Have you tried a mixture of chicken, rice, and cottage cheese? I mixed this for my Buffy girl. Kidney function declines as we age and that is true for our sweet fur kids. It may be different for kitties. I know you’ve tried so many things. Sending prayers for you and sweet Pooh-Love you ❤

    1. No, I haven’t tried that. Not too sure she could tolerate the cottage cheese but I might could try the chicken and rice. I will check that out and see what I can find out about it and cats eating it. With her going without any food at all for so many days over time I fear her kidneys are not functioning well either as maybe other organs might not be. Thank you for the prayers. Love you sweet Sis. Hugs ❤

  13. I hope there is a way to help her out… we did this too as our frosty was in this state… we gave him sausages or the things he liked … I know it is maybe not godd for pets, but we did it anyway… as a favor for our friend who refused to eat his food…

    1. That is the same thing I am thinking…giver her what she really likes if it is best for her or not. I think she deserves to enjoy her last meals no matter how long she will still be here with us.

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