Looking A Little Better


That squint you see is because I tried to get my eyes shut before that flashy box went off.

Mumsy told me last night that I am looking a little better and my furs feel softer and smoother but I still need to gain weight. I ran around the house acting silly a little bit last night and Mumsy was so happy to see me do that. I hadn’t been very active for awhile and she is hoping I keep running and playing some.

My not eating enough all started right after my Popsy passed away. Mumsy has had an idea about what she may need to do but was not sure she should. She has now found out from a vet that it is okay so she is going to give it a go. She will let you know what it is and how it works out the next time she posts for me.


In the meantime I will keep doing what Chancy and I do most of the time…nap, nip and smacky paw.