I Don’t Know What Else To Say Other Than…


Several weeks ago Pooh was at death’s door. She had gone about a week with no food and just a little water. We did not think she would live another day. I posted on the blog that she had begun her trip to “The Rainbow Bridge”. Some misunderstood and thought she had already gone.

She is not sick and is in no discomfort she is just old and had a very hard life before she came to live with us. By trying many things I was finally successful in getting her eating again. She has decided she is not ready to go yet and although she is not eating near enough to regain her weight she is eating enough to hold the weight she got down to. I feed her every 2 to 3 hours what she will eat.

Some days she looks better than other days. She walks around the house once or twice a day, sits in my lap a little while in the evenings but most of the time she sleeps.

Sweet Ann from Zoolatry made a beautiful graphic for her and I have saved it for when she does go to The Bridge. Thank you Ann and a big thank you to all for your purrs and prayers for her.